Upgrading Ranks

To avoid players abusing the DP's that come with getting a rank, I've made a complicated and stupid upgrade system.

Heres a table of all the ranks and what they can upgrade to:

Iron ⇾ Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Netherite
Quartz ⇾ Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Netherite
Redstone/Lapis ⇾ Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Netherite
Gold ⇾ Diamond, Netherite
Emerald ⇾ Diamond, Netherite
Diamond ⇾ Netherite

DM zesT on Discord if you're interested in upgrading your rank!

I hate to do this but due to people abusing upgrades for DPs and XP I'm kinda forced to. I want donations to be a fun way to support me and the server, and the upgrades are a way for people to get nicer ranks without having to spend more money, not to get more DPs/XP boosts. I hope you guys understand.

(There was a point where people would donate 5 bucks for a rank upgrade with dps/xp boosts worth 25$ which felt really dumb)